It's non-negotiable

Nicolas Morales describes what it takes daily to get and stay sober. One of Americas top Sobriety Speakers.

Nicolas Morales

9/7/20220 min read

Yo, yo, yo, what's happening in Nico here.

I would like to propose a question to you. What agreements have you made with yourself?

A lot of us don't think about the agreements that we have made with ourselves. One of the agreements that you may not have thought about that you have made with yourself is the agreement for self-pleasure, the agreement for immediate desire, and fulfillment. You might have made an agreement with yourself that you don't always have to keep your word. You might have made an agreement with yourself that you're gonna do whatever it takes whenever it takes. However, it takes to get what you want.

If you do enjoy reading, I recommend purchasing my book. First, of course, A book that I have read that I would encourage you to read is the 'Four agreements' it describes four agreements Somebody can make with themselves to live a life that will be more fulfilling. So the four agreements allow you to get an insight into how you can make some agreements with yourself.

The four agreements are: never make assumptions, be impeccable with your word, do it to the best ability that you have, and never take it personally.

I would like to facilitate is a space where you can come and think and be challenged with questions that I had to ponder on my own. You see, the book provided a lot to help me out on my self-recovery journey. Then I had to figure out where to go from there. Where I went was creating agreements with myself. There are certain agreements that I have with myself that are unbreakable they're non-negotiable and they will get done daily.

One of those agreements is my daily time with God. That's a non-negotiable thing usually I just start off by saying, "thank you." And "I'm grateful for another day", regardless of how I'm feeling about that day. I always wanna start off with a grateful attitude.

That's another agreement that I have with myself. There are certain things that you can do and implement in your day-to-day life that will allow this journey of self-recovery to be truly beneficial.

One of the things that I can share with you right now and I believe it's super important because you need to have it as a foundation, be impeccable with your word with yourself first and foremost, if you can be impeccable with yourself first and foremost, then it's easier to hold your word to others.

Both your 'yes" and your "no", I think for me, the "no" is the hardest problem. "No" is a complete sentence. When you say "no" to somebody, if they truly care about you, they should accept it as a full sentence.

You may have individuals who follow up with questions as to, why, You could say it's none of your business politely. I used to usually say, "not something I wanna talk about right now", or if you're comfortable with it, you can share it with them. "Hey, I'm making a change in my life. And that's just not included in where I'm headed." Some people are curious because they see a change in you. They see a brightness in your face, a glow about you, and how you carry yourself.

After a certain time of living fulfilled, when you know how to trust yourself, you begin to trust others. What type of non-negotiables will you have daily? What type of material are you gonna read? That's gonna help you learn about yourself during this journey of self-recovery.

You need to learn about yourself. You're gonna get to know yourself, the true self, not the one that you projected because you wanted that one to be accepted, or you thought that one would be accepted.

I like to bake, Don't get me wrong. I'm not out here baking cakes, but those pre-bake cookies. I like to throw those on the pan and eat those every once in a while. I like to be creative, I did not know it was specifically with food until I got to know myself through the self-recovery process, getting to know yourself is the third chapter of my book. The goal guys is not to be perfect. The goal is not to be an angel. The goal is to do better each and every day. I believe that one of the ways you can do better is making some agreements with yourself, sitting down, and hashing out what you will and will not allow in your life.

Until you do that, you're gonna take whatever the world gives you. You need to get to know yourself to know what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. For me, it is not acceptable to pretend that I'm an angel. It's okay to have No Halo.