Stop Drinking Alcohol. Find out if you are ready to Stop drinking Alcohol #alcoholfree Stop Drinking Alcohol. Find out if you are ready to Stop drinking Alcohol #alcoholfree

Do others become critical about how much alcohol you drink?

Overdrinking and learning how to stop drinking without going to rehab is a task to accomplish. Most go to rehab to stop drinking or attended an alternative support group to stop drinking alcohol.

None of that worked for Nico Morales, he couldn't stop drinking alcohol and was consuming 2 fifths a day. He was a full-time employee and a full-time drinker. Alcohol use disorder dropped his confidence and made him frustrated most of the time.

Alcohol consumption caused him to be overweight and overthink. He knew his status at home, work, and around friends dropped when he picked up the bottle.

He did not know how to put it down and when he tried it was risky! You see Alcohol use disorder became so bad when he stopped drinking alcohol he would have seizures.

The doctors showed him the data, 1500 ml of Liquor a day was killing him. It caused both of his hips to collapse and he was at high risk of them breaking!

The problem was that he only felt optimistic and out of pain when he drank. It was taking more and more to get him there but he knew to get the warm internal feeling he needed he had to consume more!

Because rehab and alternative options were not helping him to stop drinking, he turned to an unorthodox method.

He now teaches this method, but it's for those who want to stop drinking alcohol on their own. Only people who are serious about changing how they drink to benefit from this program!

There are qualifications but if you want to stop drinking without rehab the first thing you must do is Define Sober.

What does being sober mean to you as an individual?